The Games

Mind Design Games comes with all 10activities!
Lifetime Replacement Parts!


The Mind Design Game Set is made of high quality material.  The set weighs over 20lbs and measures over a cubic foot in size with furniture grade finishes and over 100 components to be enjoyed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1. Communication / Word Recognition

Story Dice: Reinforce fundamental language skills and word relationships with word dice.  Use 2, 3 or 5 dice, based on ability, to develop sentence building and story telling skills.  Made of solid wood with a hard enamel finish.

Word Puzzles: The word puzzles are made up of pictures and their identifying words. This activity helps to stimulate recognition of daily activities with word/object relationships.  A quality pressed wooden backing is used for our puzzles, that simply offers durability made to last.

2. Memory / Reminiscent Therapy

Concentration Card Game:  This is a classic card game of Memory Matching, using sophisticated professional photographs chosen to reinforce healthy Reminiscent Therapy.  This is a wonderful interactive game that supports short term memory and encourages meaningful communication.

Memory Boxes:  This matching game is designed for stimulating short term memory by opening two of the eight “memory boxes” to find matching items.  You may use Mind Design game pieces, or your own meaningful items or pictures to add to the fun.

3. Coordination / Motor Skills

Lacing Boards: This activity supports creativity, eye-hand coordination and attention skills, providing a fun way to practice lacing and tracing with the sturdy wooden boards and pleasing pictures.  The creative custom artwork will lead to endless successful opportunities for any mind.

Klickits:  These interlocking wooden tiles provide endless designs for creativity and fine motor dexterity.  Connect the individual Klickits to create unlimited designs.  A system built to build.

4. Sensory Perception

Visual Spatial Orientation:  Twenty colorful settings have been designed for this placement exercise. Duplicate the picture shown on the game cards by arranging the appropriate puzzle pieces in the board grid or enjoy creating your own scene.   This game reinforces understanding of spatial relationships, including the concepts of top, bottom, left, right, between and behind.

Audio Chimes: This activity offers eye-hand coordination and exercise of fine motor skills, while providing musical creativity and audio stimulation. Enjoy creating your own sounds and music with these two different Xylopones.  Two wooden drum sticks are included.

5. Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

Tower Puzzle:  Tower Puzzles consists of two vertically stacked puzzles of four solid wooden blocks.  Stack four blocks together to create pictures on each of the four sides, or expand the picture (and difficulty) by using all eight blocks.   Each block is connected with magnets, helping with fine motor movement.

Magnet Maze: An acrylic covered, natural wood maze provides stimulating fun magnet play.  Magnetic wands are used to maneuver steel balls through the maze.  This activity can be interactive or played independently.  Magnet Maze provides a frustration-free way to maintain, or reinforce fine motor skills, while exercising critical thinking and problem solving.

*Mind Design games are ready to go right out of the box with no additional items to buy*