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Mind Design Games- Memory Care Activity Set

Games for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease

“The Mind Design Game set provides an opportunity for memory care residents to feel a sense of accomplishment and independent ability.  My residents exhibited so much focus and were engaged for hours.  The design is very dignified for older adults and clearly has been developed by people who also understand memory impairment.”
~ Rebecca Parker – Morning Star Assisted Living


Games for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease

“This is an exceptional and creative activity for residents with Alzheimer’s. The games spark their imagination and creativity. It is going to be a fun and interesting to implement the Mind Design Games into our weekly activities. It is compact enough to place the games in a small area. What a wonderful and positive experience for the residents because I could see the sense of accomplishment on there faces while doing the games. The games are unique in that men and women can both be involved with the games and I feel that many family members would enjoy purchasing these games for their loved ones. Thank you so much for allowing us to be involved with this new and exciting product.”
~ Cheryl Hitchings – Morning Star Senior Living

“As a psychologist I’ve worked with hundreds of seniors concerned with and experiencing varying degrees of dementia. Mind Design appears to be a real breakthrough in this field for Patients and Caregivers alike who need an enjoyable, stimulating, and time consuming activity. I would recommend it. A plethora of research indicates the Brain is s malleable organ. Plasticity is the key here. Mind Design may actually alter the brain’s neural programming which may increase a sense of well-being.”
~ David Ferlic Ed.D. – University of Southern California

“My Mom is an amazing woman who has always been very active and with her dementia gets frustrated with the recent boredom. She sits in her chair and has a hard time having any conversation. Due to her dementia sadly my mother is unable to care for herself. Now that she has Mind Design she laughs doing the puzzles, she laughs doing the sewing game and spends hours with the magnet game and music stick. The different pictures she looks at initiate’s happy memories and encourages more conversation then I have experienced in a while.”
~ Trisha – Wheat Ridge, CO

“The variety of games included into the Mind Design set have given me, as a caregiver, multiple options and varieties for my patients. It has been fun to see what they find as their favorite games and see the smiling moments when I watch them play. Mind Design truly has brought sunshine to my patients, my job and me!”
~ Elisabeth – Phoenix, AZ

“The games have been a complete success. I have consistently bought children’s games and tried to hide the boxes in protection of their dignity. I am moved every time I watch my father feel proud as he plays and interacts while playing the failure-free games!”
~ Pete – St.Petersburg, FL

“If you have a loved one with dementia or are a caregiver of somebody with dementia, we all know the daily struggles. We are constantly searching for an activity that won’t frustrate them and will entertain them. I thought I was buying Mind Design for mom but I now realize it was an incredible gift to me as well. I highly suggest MD to everybody!”
~ Karen – Denver, CO

“Your games have been a wonderful addition to our facility. Mind Design provides additional activity for our staff and in addition is a wonderful thing to offer our families that come to visit their loved ones. We have multiple Boxes on site that we are able to float around to different rooms and families that come to visit.”
~ James – San Francisco, CA

“My Mother was always the one that took care of me my entire life. She was always the one that I would go to if any life questions arose. Throughout the past several years, the tables have turned and I have had to adjust to the fact that it is now my turn to take care of her and she no longer has those answers to my questions. I now ask myself how to make her moments the best they can be. She is my everything and Mind Design has helped in creating moments with smiles and laughter. I know I can no longer go to her with my problems, but I hope to solve some of hers. Thank you.”
~ Sara – Kansas City, MO

“It’s been a great product for our whole family. All of the games can be played by one or multiple players…Genius! We love the design and have it displayed on the Kitchen table…we are always playing or tinkering with the games. We definitely recommend it.”
~ Janet – Des Moines, IA

“Although Grandma can no longer play a game of Concentration, the cards in the set have opened up conversations of memories that she hadn’t talked about for many, many years (and maybe never would have again). Mind Design is right; no rules just play…We Love It! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!”
~ Kim – Alberta, Canada