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Support Services for Alzheimer’s Disease Caregivers

Fortunately, there are many support services available for the caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease, including:


  • Your Alzheimer’s Community

    If you know someone with Alzheimer’s disease or have been diagnosed yourself, this is your community. grew out of the need to have a social network that will be a respite, a resource and a way to connect with others who share a common bond. Get authoritative, up-to-date resources and advice from professionals with expertise about Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

  • Caregiver hotlines.

    If you are faced with a caregiving challenge that you don’t know how to handle, or if you need another type of support, there are Support Hotlines for reliable advice and information:

  • Alzheimer’s Association’s 24-hour helpline (1-800-272-2900)
    Alzheimer’s Foundation (1-866-232-8484) from 9am to 5pm (Eastern) Monday – Friday.
  • Support groups.

    Alzheimer’s disease caregiver support groups provide a range of information and support services to help you care for your loved one. Support groups also give you the opportunity to meet and talk with other Alzheimer’s caregivers.

  • Learn more and find a local Support Group at:
  • Temporary care.

    Respite care and Adult Day Centers are services that offers caregivers a temporary break from their caregiving duties. These services can be beneficial for caregivers because it allows them to take time out for themselves. Such breaks can also help ease the emotional burdens and the stress of caregiving.Find more information and local Care options at Alzheimer’s Association.

  • Respite care often takes place at home, where Adult Day Centers encourage patients to interact with others in a safe, care facility.